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"This isn’t just a job to me.

I am truly living out a dream and utilizing all the things I have learned along the way through my relationship with God, family, and fellow colleagues." 

I have recently fulfilled a professional lifelong dream by starting a business with one of my best friends. B&Z Alliance is truly a unity with a strong foundation. It’s built on our shared faith, strong family values, and life ambitions. Having partnered with a highly successful and strong agency, The Alliance Insurance Group (Ohio Insurance Alliance Group), we have everything in place for a strong and prosperous future.  As an owner and partner with Drew Bartel, our core values are ingrained into everything we do each and every day.

In my professional career, I initially aspired to teach math and coach soccer &/or basketball.  I attended Indiana University and Northern Kentucky University, which is where in 2005, I obtained my BA in math education. Looking for summer work before the school year started, I fell into an opportunity at an insurance agency with a great friend and mentor. During my time there, I not only learned how much I loved the industry but also how to conduct myself and build a successful career.  The school year came, and I kept plugging away at the agency; I never ended up teaching a day in my life (outside student teaching).  I spent the next 5 years on the agency side.

Outside of work, you will likely find me spending time with my family on our boat, at a concert with my wife, or at a Bengals game with Drew and other friends.  Personally, I’m very bad at losing…and if I’m not with family or at a concert, I’m likely yelling at the TV during one of my team’s games.  I’ve had a lot of practice with my Bengals over the years, unfortunately. 


My life is my family (Joni, Isaiah, Jonah, and our 3 dogs), friends, and everyone I encounter.  I always find the best in people; almost to a fault at times.  Regardless, I like to think that when my run on this earth is finished, I will have at least had a positive impact on a few lives along the way. 

Contact me today to learn more about our services, or to receive your free quote. I look forward to earning your business. 

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Always wanting to experience life outside the Cincinnati area, I embarked on a journey to San Diego, CA in 2007.  I found a job fairly quickly with State Farm and started to build a foundation.  I met my future wife (and fellow Hoosier) in the spring of 2008, we got married in January 2009 and shortly thereafter moved back to the Cincinnati area.  Upon settling in Hebron, KY, I found myself with an opportunity with AAA Insurance (CSAA Insurance Group) as a Sr. Field Consultant.  This was very new to me being on the other side of the desk, but I obviously had a lot of empathy and ways to relate to the agents I worked with.  My markets of OH, KY, IN, WV, and KS, grew from roughly $10M to well over $70M by the time I left AAA in 2017.  In the next few years, I bounced around trying to find a final career move; never feeling fully complete with anything I embarked on.

If we rewind a little bit to roughly late 2010, I met Drew Bartel.  Our friendship was initially built on our love for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Over the years with AAA, we became inseparable.  Constant dreams, aspirations, and discussions about one day partnering together and building a business.  Many times, I thought I had figured out a way to do it, only to realize it just wasn’t going to be feasible for one reason or another.  After developing a wonderful relationship and friendship with Keith Gregory at the Ohio Insurance Alliance Group, we began discussing the potential for a partnership to build out my dream of owning a business.  The rest…as they say…is history.

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